Rug Cleaning Glasgow

Ever have those days where you just need some pampering? A long bath, with maybe, a bath bomb and a new face cream. Everyone needs to take the time to relax, otherwise, you run the risk of looking ragged. Well, the same goes for your home. If you want it to stay looking nice and last for longer, you need to take the time to ensure your furniture gets the care it deserves. This is especially true of your flooring. It puts up with a lot of abuse on the daily. Perfect Clean offer clients a fantastic rug cleaning in Glasgow so that your rugs will stay looking stunning for longer.

Rugs are the unspoken saviours of the home. Along with withstanding a lot of abuse throughout their lifetime, they come along with a host of benefits. Aesthetically speaking, a rug can tie the look of a room together. For example, you may have opted for a more minimalist look. With soft, neutral tones and straight lines, your living room may look like a contemporary showroom. However, no one actually wants to live in an IKEA. A rug can add a much-needed pop of colour and make the room more welcoming. Similarly, if your room is full of decor and looks very lived in, a rug can make the floor look less bare in comparison. Best of all, our rug cleaning in Glasgow can leave your rug looking great for years to come, consequently meaning your living room will look fantastic for years to come.

Along with aesthetic enhancement, a rug can bring around a number of bonus benefits that you may not have considered. For example, a rug can make a room safer. You’ll no longer be sliding around the room like Bambi on the ice, as a rug provides a much-needed grip. If you’ve been cursed with the clumsy gene anyway, your fall will be a lot softer on a rug than it would be on a hardwood floor. Additionally, if you have kids, it provides a softer area in which they can play. You won’t have to worry about them shuffling around on their knees if they have a comfortable rug to do so on. Our rug cleaning in Glasgow can ensure that your rug stays safe as having your rug professionally cleaned makes them stay in good condition for significantly longer.

Our rug cleaning in Glasgow can leave you with a run that will look perfect and enhance your room in a number of other ways. Perfect Clean has been providing this service for a number of years and has satisfied a number of clients in this time. You can check out our testimonials and gallery to see for yourself. Feel free to get in contact if you’re in need any of extra information.

Rug Cleaning Newlandsmuir

Newlandsmuir is a fairly new contemporary residential development within East Kilbride. There are tons of new buildings up for sale or to rent in the area. They are nice properties too as the houses are modern both on the inside and the outside. To put it short; they look great. Well, they look great for now. Sadly, things don’t stay shiny and new forever. You need to keep good care to ensure that your home stays looking fresh and modern. To aid you in this, Perfect Clean offer a rug cleaning service in Newlandsmuir that will refresh your flooring to give your home a quick face-lift.

You are may be asking yourself why you should bother getting a rug. If they need to be cleaned to stay looking good, what’s the point? Why not just have wooden flooring and be done with it? Everything worth having takes some effort. A rug can bring about a ton of advantages. It would be silly to miss out just because you don’t want to deal with the upkeep. Especially if Perfect Clean are willing to do the upkeep for you. They are worth it. Not only can a rug greatly enhance the aesthetics of a room, but it can also a room less echoey and improve the air quality.

However, the other side of the coin is true too. Just like you would be shocked at the difference a good rug could make, you’d be stunned at just how much of a difference a dirty rug makes. It totally ruins a room. It doesn’t matter how clean the rest of your home is as it’s just too glaringly obvious to ignore. The only solution is to get it cleaned. Thankfully, we can provide clients with a fantastic rug cleaning in Newlandsmuir. We can totally transform your rug so that it looks as good as the day you bought it. No longer will you be ashamed of your rug. Our high-powered machinery will leave them looking stunning.

Perfect Clean’s high powered industrial extraction can remove deeply embedded stains and brighten colours. Best of all, it doesn’t take long to be done. It will only take between one and two hours to dry. We only use non-toxic cleaning materials and chemicals so that you don’t have to worry about keeping the room clear from pets and babies. As soon as it’s dry, you’re free to enjoy your rejuvenated carpet. For more information on our rug cleaning in Newlandsmuir, please feel free to get in contact.

Rug Cleaning Thornliebank

We don’t want to be alarmists, but did you know that dirty rugs or carpets can actually cause adverse health effects? While a nice rug can greatly improve both the aesthetics and comfort of any room in a home or office, here at Perfect Clean, we don’t believe that these benefits are worth potentially triggering an asthma attack or contracting athletes foot for. Fortunately, thanks to our fantastic rug cleaning, Thornliebank clients can enjoy their rug or carpeting without having to worry about a build-up of toxic pollutants.

We’re not saying that you’re going to be murdered by a dirty rug; we’ll leave that line to the more dramatic companies out there. However, there is no denying that not having your rug professionally cleaned can lead to you suffering from some annoying ailments. The worst part is that this is so easily avoidable if you take care of your flooring properly. Among a range of other benefits, taking control of the health of your rug can, in turn, mean taking extra care of your own health.

You may be wondering, just how awful an illness can you get from your rug or carpet? Admittedly it is very rare that you hear of someone contracting a deadly virus from a rug. It happens occasionally, but it is a freak occurrence. However, if you have asthma or allergies, unhygienic flooring can potentially cause you some major issues if you aren’t careful. A rug essentially works like a giant sponge, it absorbs and holds moisture, bacteria and biological pollutants. Unless your rug or carpet is professionally cleaned, this will all remain in your flooring. Among ailments like asthma or athletes foot, this can cause a range of symptoms such as;

  • Headaches
  • Irritation of eyes
  • Skin irritation
  • Nose and throat irritation
  • A sore throat or a persistent cough

Perfect Clean has been offering a high-quality rug cleaning service for over 18 years. We can ensure that your carpet is as clean as the day you bought it, so you don’t have to worry about contracting any minor ailments or illnesses, or triggering a more serious condition like asthma. Not only will we be able to eradicate any pollutants, but we’ll also leave your rug looking great.

Our rug cleaning in Thornliebank can totally transform your rug or carpet. You’d be surprised at just how much the colours will have dulled over time due to being coated with years worth of grime. Perfect Clean’s team of experts will give you an efficient clean that will leave you with results that leave your carpet perfect for years to come. For more information on our rug cleaning service in Thornliebank, you can contact us via phone or via our contact form. We cannot wait to hear from you!

Carpet Cleaning Specialists East Kilbride

At Perfect Clean, we feel we have definitely established ourselves as one of the leading carpet cleaning specialists in East Kilbride. Carpet companies have come and gone, but we’ve remained a stable company in the industry that continues to deliver a top-quality service to all of our customers. Over half of our work comes from referrals and repeat custom, demonstrating that our clients truly are delighted with the service that we provide.

Even if you are convinced that we are some of the best in the business, you may be wondering why you should look into hiring a carpet cleaning specialist for your property in East Kilbride. To answer that, we’ve provided you with just a small number of the many advantages that hiring a carpet cleaning specialist can bring.

Improves the Aesthetics of any Room

To start, getting a professional carpet clean can instantly improve the look of any room. You’d be surprised at how much dirt your flooring can accumulate over time, and how much this affects the appearance of your carpet. If you stop and look, you will maybe see that the colour of your carpet is nowhere near as bright as when you bought it. You may be blind to the stains embedded onto your floor, but visitors to your home or business certainly aren’t. A professional clean can transform your carpet in a matter of minutes. Our high-powered machinery will make a big difference, and you can see this for yourself if you view the videos on our website.

Prolongs the Life of your Carpet

Proper maintenance of your carpet can greatly extend the life of it. The knowledge and expertise of the team who come in to complete the work can make your carpet look new for years to come. Additionally, it is a little-known fact that having a professional clean can extend the warranty. Hidden in amongst the paperwork is the fact that for your warranty to stay valid, it needs professionally cleaned at least once a year. This can be a huge benefit that you don’t want to regret missing out on it.

Protect Indoor Air Quality

Your carpet traps airborne pollutants. It’s a great added benefit to having a carpet that they can help improve the air quality of a room. However, over time these do build up and if they aren’t removed they linger and can be a big issue for those of you who suffer from allergies or asthma. A professional clean can get rid of this bacteria, improving both the hygiene of your carpet and protect your indoor air quality. Additionally, for the same reasons that you love your warm carpet, so do small insects and mites. A professional clean can get rid of any ‘wildlife’ that has decided to make a home in your flooring.

For more on how our carpet cleaning specialists in East Kilbride can improve the quality and aesthetics of your carpet, please feel free to get in contact. Our friendly team will be happy to answer any queries.

Professional Rug Cleaning Giffnock

When decorating your home or office, purchasing a carpet or a rug can be a fairly large investment. With a brand-new carpet costing on average between £15 and £20 per square foot, purchasing new flooring is not a choice to be taken lightly. Likewise, some of the nicer rugs on the market can be surprisingly expensive, with the best costing on average £8 per square foot. However, did you know that it might not even be necessary? Having professional rug cleaning undertaken at your Giffnock home or business can instantly spruce up your old rug and make it look as it did the day you bought it. The results of our service are almost shocking with just how much of a difference it can make.

If you take a quick glance on the Perfect Clean Facebook and YouTube, you can see our professional rug cleaning in the Giffnock area for yourself. A dingy, darkened blue carpet is instantly transformed into  a stunning light blue carpet that looks as if it is newly installed. A dark cream rug is brightened to the stunning shade of white it was made to be. Our machinery is powered directly via our vans, and so the transformation is quick and hassle free. You don’t have to wait days for it to dry properly either, with it only taking as little as an hour or two.

Having the aesthetics of your home or business instantly improved isn’t the only benefit to having your rug deep-cleaned. Having your carpet or rug professionally cleaned can extend the warranty so that you are covered no matter what accidents befold on your space. It is very often hidden in the small print that in order to extend your warranty, all you have to do is have it deep-cleaned before a certain set date. Having this extended warranty can be a real asset if it is required, and so it is definitely worth it in the long run.

The team at Perfect Clean are experts at professionally cleaning carpets or rugs, and we have over 18 years worth of experience. If you look at the testimonials from some our previous clients, you will see that they agree that our service is fantastic value for money. You won’t have to pay an arm and leg to be satisfied with the results that we give. For further evidence of the great work we do, you can check out our gallery for some before and after photos which will show the difference that our professional staff can make.

So if you’re looking to get a new carpet or rug, but are put off by the costs, maybe you should consider our professional rug cleaning service in Giffnock. Not only are the results stunning, but our prices are very fair. To book an appointment contact us online or phone us at 0800 334 5597.

Professional Rug Cleaning Newton Mearns

There is nothing more off-putting than coming into a house that has a dirty rug. The state of your floor can say a lot about you, and it is one of the first things a guest will notice when they come into your house or business. However, it is understandable why many people may let their floor cleanliness fall by the wayside. The reality is that maintaining your floor is a hassle and not a job that you want to be doing alongside the many other tasks of life. Perfect Clean provide professional rug cleaning in Newton Mearns so that you don’t have to worry about either leaving a bad first impression, or going through the arduous process of cleaning a stained floor.

We’ve been cleaning the rugs and carpets of East Kilbride, and the areas surrounding, since the year 2000. With many customers using our services again and again. It is easy to see why we are regarded as being the most reliable carpet cleaning service in the area. If you look at our testimonial page you will see that many customers agree that we deliver a high-quality service that you won’t be disappointed with.

At Perfect Clean we take care of everything, you won’t even have to move any furniture. We take all of the hassle out of the process of getting your carpet clean. Our professional rug cleaning is done via truck mounted carpet cleaning machinery, meaning it is extremely quick. If you go on our Facebook page, you’ll be able to view just how quickly and efficiently our machinery tackles some really tough stains.

Not only will we be able to lift tough stains, but we will also be able to brighten the original colour of your carpet so it looks as good as it did as the day you got it fitted. Our machines deep clean and deodorise your carpets so you can feel rest-assured that your home or business is clean, with no nasty, hidden surprises lingering in your rugs.

Perfect Clean really do provide the best, competitively priced professional rug cleaning in Newton Mearns. For more information on how we can brighten up your floors, call us now on 0800 334 5597, or on mobile on 0778 902 5461. Additionally we can be reached via the contact form on our website, where you can receive a quote by sending us in some pictures of what you are needing cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning Torrance

Having a dirty carpet can be very unpleasant, but it can also seem like a major hassle to clean by yourself. From moving the furniture to waiting for the carpet to dry, cleaning the carpet can be a big inconvenience to your life. This doesn’t have to be the case! At Perfect Clean, we provide professional carpet cleaning services in Torrance and the surrounding areas so that you don’t have to worry about dirty carpets any longer.

Cleaning your carpets with Perfect Clean is completely hassle-free. There is no need to move or even remove your furniture. All we do is simply move it to one side and replace it when we have finished thoroughly cleaning that particular area. Our state-of-the-art technology also means that your carpets are dry within just 1 to 2 hours.

Our state-of-the-art high-powered industrial extraction machines achieve record-breaking time for drying carpets. They are also guaranteed to:

  • Brighten the original colour of your carpet, leaving it looking brand spanking new
  • Remove any deeply embedded stains, which may have seemed impossible to remove before
  • Deep clean and deodorise your carpets


At Perfect Clean we understand that harsh chemicals and cleaning products can affect your family, including your children and even your pets. Harsh cleaning products can cause skin irritation and nasty allergic reactions. That is why we use 100% non-toxic cleaning solutions, which are safe for everyone.

As carpet cleaning specialists in Torrance, we provide very competitive prices for our services. We can provide an accurate quote based on your carpet cleaning needs if you use the ‘Show Us Your Item’ feature on our website. All you have to do is fill out the contact form and upload some images of your carpet. From here, we can assess exactly what needs to be done and provide you a better, more accurate price for our services.

If you are interested in seeing real results, you can view videos of our work on the website. Here you will find videos featuring carpets that have been brought back to life with Perfect Clean. With our team of carpet cleaning specialists, no problem is too big.

With Perfect Clean, there is no need to waste money on a brand new carpet! Achieve long-lasting results for you property in Torrance today by giving us a call on 0800 334 5597 or 0778 902 5461 from your mobile. Or you can book an appointment online via our website.

Carpet Cleaning Whitehills

Here at Perfect Clean we would class ourselves as one of the leading carpet cleaning companies around working in areas all over including Whitehills. We have been cleaning carpets for many years now and we take great pride in our work and the prices that we charge people for our services.

The team of staff who carry out the carpet cleaning in Whitehills are hardworking and dedicated to what they do. They want to produce the desired results for every customer who uses our company.

Some people who have contacted us have attempted to clean their carpets themselves but the end result wasn’t what they quite hoped for. These people thought that using professionals may be too expensive so therefore hire equipment to do it themselves but that isn’t always the case. In fact sometimes hiring equipment from a shop may be dearer and the results are nowhere near what they would be with professionals doing the job for you.

Over the years of carrying out carpet cleaning we have invested in truck mounted machinery, this alongside our non toxic cleaning solutions produce the results that we expect for our customers.  If you get in touch with us to carry out carpet cleaning for you in Whitehills you don’t have to worry about clearing the whole room instead our cleaners will simply move the furniture to one side, clean and then replace.

Carpet cleaning can:

  • remove deeply embedded stains
  • leave carpets looking brighter, clean and deodorised
  • rejuvenate the pile


So, if you would like to have the carpets in your home in Whitehills looking good once again then why not book an appointment with our company today.


Professional Carpet Cleaners East Kilbride

Our professional carpet cleaners work in both domestic and commercial properties in East Kilbride, providing an outstanding service to everyone who uses us. Over the years we have worked with many people, some repeat customers and others who have contacted us through recommendations of others who have used us and been happy with the service the received.

The carpet cleaners who work at our company are committed, hardworking and professional. They strive to do the very best job they can for our customers.

Over the years we have gained much experience and we have also invested in equipment which helps us to do our job quickly and efficiently. When people book our professional carpet cleaners to go out to their home in East Kilbride or the surrounding areas they can be confident that we will deliver results with the equipment and non toxic cleaning solutions that we use.

Using a high powered, truck mounted extraction machine like we do will:

  • remove deeply embedded stains
  • brighten colours
  • rejuvenate pile
  • leave your carpets deep cleaned and deodorised
  • have your carpets dry in 1-2 hours


Another thing that our customers like about our company is our transparent pricing as the price that you are quoted is the price that you are expected to pay, there are no hidden extras.

If you choose to use our professional carpet cleaners  you don’t have to worry about clearing out the whole room either as what they will do is move your furniture to the side, clean and then move it back.

So, if your carpets and tired, dirty or stained and you are considering replacing them before you make a final decision why not give our professional carpet cleaners the chance to come out to your property in East Kilbride and show you how good they are at having your carpets looking good once again. All you have to do is contact us to arrange an appointment or you can book through the booking form on our website.

Upholstery Cleaners Auldhouse

Here at our company we can provide our customers in Auldhouse with both upholstery cleaning services and carpet cleaning services, whatever you need. Our upholstery cleaners have worked in many properties in both Auldhouse and the surrounding areas in the time that we have been a company so you could say that they are experts at what they do.

Our upholstery cleaners take every job that they undertake seriously and they strive to deliver the results that our customers in Auldhouse and all over expect. We have been providing our services since we first began in 2000 and in this time we have built up a good reputation for ourselves. Customer service is an area which is important to us. We want our customers to use us time and time again and to also recommend us to others who may be looking for any of the services that we offer.

We have invested in machinery which helps us to do our job, this machinery along with the cleaning solutions and the hard work of our upholstery cleaners produces outstanding results. These machines can remove stains that are deeply embedded, they can also leave upholstery brighter so it looks like new and the fact that it dries fairly quick is an even bigger bonus for our customers.

If you have any questions or would like any more information then contact our upholstery cleaners today who would be more than happy to help. Or if you would like to book them to come out to you home in Auldhouse then contact us today and we can get it arranged.