Professional Rug Cleaning Newton Mearns

There is nothing more off-putting than coming into a house that has a dirty rug. The state of your floor can say a lot about you, and it is one of the first things a guest will notice when they come into your house or business. However, it is understandable why many people may let their floor cleanliness fall by the wayside. The reality is that maintaining your floor is a hassle and not a job that you want to be doing alongside the many other tasks of life. Perfect Clean provide professional rug cleaning in Newton Mearns so that you don’t have to worry about either leaving a bad first impression, or going through the arduous process of cleaning a stained floor.

We’ve been cleaning the rugs and carpets of East Kilbride, and the areas surrounding, since the year 2000. With many customers using our services again and again. It is easy to see why we are regarded as being the most reliable carpet cleaning service in the area. If you look at our testimonial page you will see that many customers agree that we deliver a high-quality service that you won’t be disappointed with.

At Perfect Clean we take care of everything, you won’t even have to move any furniture. We take all of the hassle out of the process of getting your carpet clean. Our professional rug cleaning is done via truck mounted carpet cleaning machinery, meaning it is extremely quick. If you go on our Facebook page, you’ll be able to view just how quickly and efficiently our machinery tackles some really tough stains.

Not only will we be able to lift tough stains, but we will also be able to brighten the original colour of your carpet so it looks as good as it did as the day you got it fitted. Our machines deep clean and deodorise your carpets so you can feel rest-assured that your home or business is clean, with no nasty, hidden surprises lingering in your rugs.

Perfect Clean really do provide the best, competitively priced professional rug cleaning in Newton Mearns. For more information on how we can brighten up your floors, call us now on 0800 334 5597, or on mobile on 0778 902 5461. Additionally we can be reached via the contact form on our website, where you can receive a quote by sending us in some pictures of what you are needing cleaned.