Carpet Cleaner Waterfoot

slide2Who we are

We are a family run business who has been working in and around Waterfoot since establishment in 2000. Since then we have become recognised as one of the leading companies in the area, this is because of our standards in cleaning.

Carpet cleaners

We’re specialist carpet cleaners, meaning that each of us are fully trained to the highest industry standards. As well as this we are an approved member of TACCA – The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association.

Our equipment

There is a lot of equipment out there that will just clean the top of your carpet instead of deep cleaning your whole carpet. We are different from other companies in Waterfoot and other areas who use this equipment because we only use equipment that is at the forefront of our industry, this allows us to clean your carpet(s) thoroughly; ensuring that no areas are missed whatsoever.

Our cleaning solutions

We use cleaning solutions that are 100% safe for both children and pets, these cleaning solutions are more than capable of cleaning your carpets effectively. This is beneficial because it means that firstly you won’t have to worry about the safety of anyone in your property and secondly you can be assured that the cleaning solutions won’t damage your carpet(s).

Our prices

Our prices are cheap in comparison to what other carpet cleaning companies in Waterfoot are charging. Although this is the case there isn’t a difference when it comes to the quality of service as we only offer a service that is of an exceptional quality.

Arrange for our carpet cleaners to come out

If you would like to arrange for our carpet cleaners to come out to your property in Waterfoot and clean your carpet(s) then just contact us. We will then discuss the available dates and times and get you booked in at a time and date that is most convenient for you.